How you can help

At REACT, we have learned from experience that everyone has the power to help endangered animals: one person can make a difference.  It is REACT's goal to help you to discover and develop your potential and maximise the benefit for endangered animals. 



The ideas are endless when it comes to fundraising; run a marathon, have a bath in baked beans, jump out of a aeroplane for free; and help endangered animals. Now is your chance.


REACT needs help with fundraising, public relations and social media.  If you are committed to helping endangered animals and want to gain experience, then internships are a great way to help.  Read more...

Volunteer at Projects

Volunteering at project sites can be hugely rewarding to you and to the animals that you wish to help.  Find out how to determine your goals, find the right project for you and prepare yourself to get the most out of your experience.


As a charity, we need your financial support.  We do not receive any support from Government bodies and rely entirely on people like you.   Even a small donation can make a difference.